School Values

Our values at Harry Gosling are Equality, Excellence, Responsibility and Teamwork.  The entire school community has contributed to selecting our values and determining how we demonstrate those values at school.  

This is what our values look like for children


In the playground:

I look after playground equipment, the environment and I help to tidy up.

I never leave litter in the playground.

I am honest and take responsibility for my actions in the playground.

I listen to the instructions of adults on the playground so that I am ready for classroom learning.

I let an adult know when something is wrong so I can get help.

When moving around the school

I line up sensibly to make best use of our learning time.

I know that moving around sensibly keeps others safe.

I pick up litter and property if I see it around the school. 

In the lunch hall

I make healthy choices including what I bring in my packed lunch.

I eat as much of lunch as I can and save my dessert until last. 

I clear up after myself.

I walk on the stairs and in the lunch hall.

In the classroom

I bring everything I need to school to learn; including my homework book, reading record, PE kit and swimming kit.

I show I am ready to learn by engaging in the lesson and I ask for help when I need it.  

I keep the classroom tidy and look after our resources. 

I take responsibility for my own progress by responding to marking and working on my targets.

I am punctual.


In the playground:

I can demonstrate sportsmanship like behaviour.

I work with others and listen to keep our playground safe and happy.

I help to tidy up the whole playground and not just my mess.

I support those who are younger than me or more in need.

When moving around the school

I help others to make the right choices.

I offer to hold the door open because it is polite.

I stay in my place in line up order.

I model to others how to line up or sit in assembly.

In the lunch hall

I will help other children with their lunch.

I will finish my mouthful before I speak to others.

I will use good manners with staff and other pupils by saying please and thank you. 

I help make sure that no one feels left out when they eat.

In the classroom

I listen to others and take turns speaking. 

I take turns, negotiate and compromise with others.

I collaborate with others in group work. 

I am supportive of my peers, giving them helpful feedback when they are stuck.


In the playground:

I always try my best in games.

I take careful and managed risks to try new things.

I am always polite and respectful towards all others in the playground.

I stop and walk to line up when the whistle is blown (quickly and quietly).

When moving around the school

I move in silence around the school.

I walk up and down the stairs in silence.

I walk on the left hand side all of the time.

I walk in and out of assembly in silence.

In the lunch hall

I try new things.

I line up sensibly and quietly and say please and thank you.

I stay in my seat until I have finished eating.

I finish my mouthful before I have a polite conversation with others. 

In the classroom

I take care in the presentation of my work.

I manage my distractions.

I challenge myself in lessons and persevere with my work.

I sit up, listen, ask and answer questions, track the teacher and engage with the lesson.


In the playground

I treat all adults and children with respect so that we all feel valued.

I make sure everyone feels included in my games.

I use positive language.

I share resources and spaces as everyone has the right to use them.

When moving around the school

I expect everyone to behave as well as they can.

I wait my turn so everyone gets an equal chance. 

I move quietly so other children can learn.

In the lunch hall

I leave my place clean for the next person.

I am considerate of others and talk with an inside voice.

I treat all adults equally and with respect.

I respect other people’s food choices.

In the classroom

I treat others with respect.

I use kind words and a calm voice.

I know that other people have needs that may differ from my own.

I respect people’s differences.

I am happy to talk to any partner during partner talk and actively listen to others.

This is what our values look like for parents


I ensure my children eat a healthy breakfast.

I ensure my children get a good night’s sleep.

I ensure my children come to school in the correct uniform.

I ensure my children complete their homework on a weekly basis.

I ensure my children bring in their PE and swimming kit.

I ensure my children have a book bag that contains their reading record and the book they are reading.

I nourish my children with love and affection.

I attend meetings and coffee mornings.

I am role model for my children.

I teach my children about respect and values.

I keep my children motivated. 


I support my children with their homework.

I plan homework projects with my children.

I attend workshops and meetings at school.

I model good communication skills with teachers and staff.

I support school topics with trips.

I nurture a culture of communication at home and at school. 


I ensure my children are at school on time and attend every day.

I support my children by explaining homework or attending homework club.

I keep my children stimulated at home.

I take my children on trips and outings.

I talk to my children about their future ambitions and goals.

I read with my children every day.

I visit the local library with my children.

I encourage my children to ask questions.

I encourage my children to take part in extracurricular activities.

I look to further develop myself as a learner.


I am friendly to all other members of the Harry Gosling community.

I value all members of our community.

I appreciate that there are many kinds of people and I learn to find the beauty in all of them.

I make friends with others who are different from me.

I respect others even if I don’t agree with their views.

I ask questions.

This is what our values look like for teaching assistants 


We are responsible for everyone’s safety, health and social wellbeing.

We work to understand our children’s needs.

We are tolerant and professional.

We communicate with all staff (regardless of status).

Our responsibility is that there is a consistent approach to teamwork, excellence and equality throughout the school.

We have responsibility for the whole school and not just the children we work with.


We share and respect everyone’s opinions.

We value and appreciate other’s work and effort.

We encourage one another and are supportive.

We trust one another.

We are flexible in our approach to tasks.


We have professional relationships with parents and colleagues.

We respect each other professionally.

We meet the children’s needs.

We maintain confidentiality.

We value the schools’ ethos and mission statement.

We perform our role to a high standard.

We are flexible and understanding.


We all do our own bit.

We treat everyone equally.

We don’t make people feel uneasy or isolated.

Everyone is offered the same opportunities.

Teachers and TAs are treated equally by parents and children.

We support one another when inequality issues arise.

This is what our values look like for MMS


Look after the children.

Make sure everyone is safe.

Listen to others.

Help with children with different needs.

Encourage children to eat.

Play with the children.



Support one another.

Listen to other people’s opinions.

Share ideas

Help one another

Ensure a friendly environment.

Problem solve

Respect one another



Help each other



Good behaviour

Deal with challenging behaviour. 


Everyone has equal rights.

No one is treated differently.

Information is shared at the right time.

Everyone has the same opportunities.


These are the principles we all share

Every child is entitled to a good education, with equal access to knowledge, skills, opportunities, aspirations, life chances and dignity.

At Harry Gosling Primary School achievement is not just about academic excellence, it’s about personal growth too. 

It’s about how we treat each other, what we value and how we contribute to our surroundings and community. 


At Harry Gosling

·         Our school is a happy, safe and enriching place.

·         We work hard as a team so everyone can achieve their best.

·         Everyone has a voice and is a valued member of our school.

·         We respect and celebrate our individuality and treat one another equally.

·         We learn in fun and exciting ways to develop our wide interests and talents.

·         Excellent relationships between school, families and the community help us to succeed.

·         We learn to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners, so we can enjoy happy and successful lives. 



British Values Statement

The Department for Education has introduced a statutory duty for schools to promote British values more actively from September 2014, and to ensure they are taught in schools.

Harry Gosling Primary School is committed to serving its community.  It recognises the multi-cultural, multi-faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom.  It also understands the vital role it has in ensuring that groups or individuals within the school are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by those wishing to unduly, or illegally, influence them.

It follows equal opportunities guidance which guarantees that there will be no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status, or similar. Harry Gosling Primary School is dedicated to preparing students for their adult life beyond the formal, examined curriculum and ensuring that it promotes and reinforces British values to all its students.

The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy.

The five key British values are:

  •          Democracy
  •          The rule of law
  •          Individual liberty
  •          Mutual respect
  •          Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs (extending to all protected characteristics under the Equality Act))

The school uses strategies within the national curriculum and beyond to secure such outcomes for students and instil British values. You can find further details of this in our curriculum and policies such as SMSC, Child Protection, Equalities and Diversity, PSHE and PREVENT.