Welcome to Harry Gosling Primary School

At Harry Gosling we aim to provide the best possible start in life for all our pupils. We are committed to equality and diversity and we ensure that this is reflected in all our policies, procedures and practices. We simply aim for the best, so that all our children are ready not only for their next stage of learning, but also to take up their place with confidence in modern Britain. We aim for every child to leave our school ready and able to be a force for good in the world. Inspiring excellence is at the heart of what we do. That is why we all share our motto   'Learning to shine in everything we do.'

This year we are continuing piloting a 'soft federation' with Stephen Hawking Primary School. This new partnership has already increased the educational opportunities for the children from both schools, so that our children can learn and grow together. It has also enabled staff from both schools to learn from one another to better support the children they teach. This will be the second year of our soft federation, and we are looking forward to developing this work in the coming year.

Jennie Bird (Executive Head Teacher) 


Click here to watch our video about the history of Harry Gosling Primary School.