In the Early Years Maths is taught through exploring and practical activities. Children learn to count, recognize numbers and explore shape, space and measure.  Children are exposed to mathematical language on a daily basis.  

Our maths scheme for Y1 to Y6, is creative, hands-on and covers all the objectives from the new 2014 Maths curriculum.  Our curriculum has been adapted to suit the needs of our children.  The children in Years 1-4 are using the Singapore Maths curriculum this year.  

Maths is an essential part of our everyday life from telling the time, reading maps, working out change, measuring and cooking to name but a few. Therefore we place great importance on equipping our children with the mathematical knowledge and skills which they will need all throughout their lives. At Harry Gosling Primary we deliver a Maths curriculum rich in number, which ensures that the children become confident in the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using both mental and written methods. Problem solving & investigating are also a fundamental part of our teaching, as this ensures children are using and applying their mathematical skills.

The curriculum provides practical approaches and direct experiences. Children are encouraged and taught to talk about and share ideas in order to develop their mathematical language and thinking. They are encouraged to explain to their peers the methods they choose and share different techniques to learn from each other. The children enjoy engaging and challenging Maths lessons using a wide range of resources to suit all learning needs.

We always try to contextualize Maths, so that the children understand the links between the mathematics that they learn in school and how to use Maths in real life. We show our pupils that mathematics is not an isolated subject, by linking learning to the practical matters of the real world around them.

Children use bar modelling in Maths to help them understand and solve problems.  Click here to see the bar modelling guide.