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Maths is everywhere in our world, from cooking to coding, gaming to geography. Children who are confident in Maths have powerful and enjoyable tools for understanding and further exploring the world. At Harry Gosling we place great importance on equipping our children with the mathematical knowledge and skills which they will need throughout their lives.

We deliver a Maths curriculum rich in number, which ensures that the children become confident in the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using both mental and written methods. Problem solving and investigating are woven into this learning as a fundamental part of our teaching, ensuring children are using and applying their mathematical skills. Where appropriate, we put children’s Maths learning in real-world contexts, so that they understand how it links to other areas of their lives.

Beginning in the Early Years, Maths is taught through exploring and practical activities. Children learn to count, recognise numbers and explore shape, space and measure.  Children are exposed to mathematical language on a daily basis.  

As children move through years 1 to 6, they continue to be taught a tailored curriculum, adapted to their needs, which is creative, hands-on and covers all objectives from the National Curriculum. Above all, our curriculum empowers children by teaching for deep conceptual understanding. Please click here to see our Calculation Policy.

Children in Years 1-3 are using a scheme called ‘Maths No Problem’ this year, while in Years 4-6 children study the ‘White Rose’ scheme. Both schemes are based on the ‘Singapore Maths’ approach, which supports children to develop deep understanding by using Maths equipment and clear visuals before moving on to more abstract work. Throughout the school, children use bar modelling to help them understand and solve Maths problems. Click here to see the bar modelling guide.

Talk is another powerful means of deepening children’s learning. Therefore Mathematical and explanation language is explicitly taught and our children are expected to use this to share ideas and explain their thinking – both to adults and peers.

In parallel with our focus on conceptual understanding, we support children to develop ‘fluency’ in number, enabling them quickly to recall useful Maths facts such as number bonds and times tables. This helps children to solve problems and apply their learning in flexible ways.

The school subscribes to two online services which help children to practise Maths facts and problem solving. Times Table Rock Stars  (https://www.ttrockstars.com/) and Mathletics (www.mathletics.co.uk) are used during school hours as well as being available for children to continue their learning at home. This also supports Year 4 children who will be sitting statutory national times tables tests this year.