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At Harry Gosling we work with a range of partners to improve the outcomes for our pupils. Here are a few of our partnerships:

Stephen Hawking Soft Federation

This year we are piloting a 'soft federation' with Stephen Hawking Primary School. This new partnership will increase the educational opportunities for the children from both schools, so that our children can learn and grow together. It will also enable staff from both schools to learn from one another to better support the children they teach. Our theme for this first year of federation is 'Learning Together,' and we are looking forward to writing this next exciting chapter in our school's history.

London-Exeter Partnership

This year we have set up the London-Exeter Partnership with a number of local schools and Exeter University. We are delighted to offer the School Direct teacher training route in partnership with the University of Exeter. You can find more information here.

Peer Review and THEP

We are members of the Tower Hamlets Education Partnership (THEP). As a school, this gives us the opportunity to network with other schools. Through the partnership we are taking part in a Peer Review project. Through the project, we will be observing in other schools to identify strengths, share ideas and develop practice. 

The Stepney Partnership 

We have recently become members of the Stepney Partnership. This gives us the opportunity to work within a network of other schools within the Stepney area. The partnership will give us opportunity to share good practice and develop middle leaders. You can visit their website here.

University Partnerships

We offer placements to trainee teachers from the University of Exeter

We have links with Clare College, University of Cambridge and Lincoln College, University of Oxford. We offer pupils in year five and six the opportunity to visit these universities to find out more about life at university and to raise their aspirations.

St Katherine’s Partnership

This partnership with four local schools has improved the support we can offer to parents through a range of workshops. This partnership has also led to opportunities for parents and pupils to work together of projects, for example, performing poetry together at the Royal Festival Hall. This partnership has provided the opportunity to work together and share good practice. It has also improved the transition process between primary and secondary for pupils and parents.

Business Partners

We work with a range of local businesses to improve the outcomes for our pupils. Business partners visit the school every week to offer 1:1 support to pupils in reading or maths and we have seen improved outcomes for the pupils involved in this. We have also identified opportunities for visits to local work places so that pupils can broaden their horizons by meeting people who work in a range of jobs. We have also held a careers day during which many of our business partners came in to school to talk to pupils about their job.

Leadership Development

We offer several professional development opportunities to our school leaders. In past years, we have had staff complete the NPQML and the NPQSL. Both of these programmes provide professional development and networking opportunities. Our headteacher also supports new headteachers in the borough through the Future Leaders programme. 

School Council Forum

Every year our School Councillors organise a School Council Forum with four local primary schools. We share ideas about how to improve our schools and the forum provides the pupils with the opportunity to present in front of other schools.