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Harry Gosling Primary School, Fairclough Street, London, E1 1NT

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Staff - 2021/22

We have a large staff. Every member of staff is committed to offering a high standard of care and high quality experiences for all children. All staff share high expectations of the children and themselves, and aim to be excellent role models. Staff continuously seek ways of improving their professional skills and understanding through continued professional development both in school and through external training provider.

Teaching Staff - Teachers

Jennie Bird – Executive Head Teacher, DSL

Emma Brown – Head of School, DSL

Jo Smith – Assistant Head, EYFS Leader, Inclusion (EYFS & Yr 1), DSL

Ashley Graham – Assistant Head, Teaching & Learning Leader, Phase 2 Leader

Miriam Wolfe – Assistant Head, Data & Interventions Leader, Phase 3 Leader

Anna Beattie – Inclusion (Yrs 2-6), Parental Engagement Leader

Gabriella Cottrell-Boyce – Year 6 Teacher, English Leader

Gemma Hildred – Year 6 Teacher, Humanities Leader

Ewan Abraham – Year 5 Teacher, Maths Leader

Roxana Holliman – Year 5 Teacher

Tika Kohlschein – Year 4 Teacher

Emma Harrison – Year 4 Teacher

Josie Legge – Year 3 Teacher

Simone Fox – Year 3 Teacher, Science & IT Leader

Kat Rose – Phase 2 Support Teacher

Holly Carter-Rich – Year 2 Teacher

Nancy Dubois – Year 2 Teacher, Healthy Schools Leader

Farzana Akter – Year 1 Teacher

Robert McQuillan – Year 1 Teacher, DT & Art Leader

Aphia Begum – Reception Teacher

Rebecca Turpin – Reception Teacher

Kerry Cooper – Nursery Teacher

Sarah Modeste – Nursery Teacher

Ayesha Khanam – PPA Teacher

Elizabeth Willis (maternity leave)

Jess Morrish (maternity leave)


Behaviour Support, Mentors, PE Coach

Susan Head (Thur only)

Hussein Hussein (Lunchtime)

Julian Roberts (p.m. only)


Office Staff

Trudy Papafio – School Business Manager

Sima Miah – School Business Manager Assistant

Rumina Begum – School Business Manager Assistant (Mon, Tue)

Tamanna Khatun – Pupil Services & Attendance Manager

Tazmin Khan – Receptionist

Rujina Begum (maternity leave)


Breakfast Club Staff

Tracey Dunn

Parvin Begum

Irene Hunt

Fatima Begum


Midday Meals Supervisors

Sultana Thahid – SMMS

Nicole Quatromini

Tracey Dunn

Aysha Begum

Marzina Ahmad

Jusna Begum

Shahida Aktar

Cindy Hart

Taslima Haque

Fatema Begum

Azima Khanom

Ruzina Begum

Rema Begum

Rumina Begum

Asma Miah

Sabina Yasmin

Shahana Begum

Habiza Begum 

Shahena Begum

Nishat Tahsin (maternity leave)

Jakia Parbin (maternity leave)


Teaching Staff - Teaching Assistants

Nick Harsant – HLTA / Musician in Residence

Sajna Khatun – HLTA

Liliana Wascinska - HLTA

Fatima Batan – TA

Forida Ahmed – TA

Irene Hunt – TA

Moymona Begum – TA

Nahida Sultana - TA

Rushna Choudhury – TA

Shefa Rahman – TA

Nazma Begum – TA

Sufiya Begum – TA

Thamanna Azmin – TA

Anika Begum – TA

Fatima Begum – TA

Parvin Begum – TA

Shahana Begum – TA

Sabina Yasmin - TA

Ummay Noori – TA (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Mahmodha Khatun – TA (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Rowshan Khan – TA (Thur, Fri)

Nicole Quatromini – TA (Thur, Fri)

Bulirun Nessa – TA (Thur, Fri)

Rahela Khatun – TA (a.m. only)

Azima Khanom – TA (a.m. only)

Ruzina Begum – TA (until 2:15pm)

Marzina Ahmad – TA (p.m. only)

Razia Khan – TA (p.m. only)

Lahki Begum (maternity leave)


Supply Staff

Avril Fregiste – TA

Sumsun Nahar – TA

Hafija Khatun – TA


Home / School Support

Janice Hill-Kocoglu – Family Support Co-ordinator

Maruf Ahmed – Attendance Welfare Advisor


Premises Staff

Grace Akinseye – Site Supervisor

Mike Uche – Relief Premises Manager / Cleaner

Saturday Oghwie – Cleaner

Augustinah Olowogboye Cleaner