Curriculum at Harry Gosling

School is a place in which we can expand our minds and our horizons. At Harry Gosling we aim to provide excellent learning and teaching opportunities in all areas of the curriculum. We plan activities to motivate, inspire and extend pupils.

We cover all aspects of the National Curriculum and, in order to help children make connections in their learning, we weave the curriculum in broad ‘topic-based’ themes. We go on lots of trips and invite many visitors into school to build on the curriculum we offer in school.

Principles of the Harry Gosling Curriculum

  •          Exciting & motivating
  •          Reflects pupils’ experiences & diverse heritages and also exposes pupils to a breadth of experience
  •          Is embedded in meaningful contexts
  •          Inspires curiosity, creativity and critical thinking
  •          Focuses on basic skills

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Year 4 and 5

Year 6