Harry Gosling School introduced the new English curriculum at the start of 2013.  It is taught in 4 week units with three units per term. Each term a topic is introduced by a hook.


For each unit of work, Harry Gosling School makes use of learning walls. Learning walls are visual displays which enable children to know what they are learning and how this learning process develops over a period of time. The teaching sequence starts with a written boxed-up model. The wall is added to over the course of a unit so that it could at various points include text features, vocabulary, sentence structures, planning formats, drafts and finally an edited piece of work. As one skill is taught and completed, parts of the display are removed and replaced by models or scaffolds for new learning.


As well as the literacy lesson, there are separate sessions in guided reading, handwriting and English Mastery (skills in punctuation and grammar) In Early Years and KS1, children also receive half an hour of daily phonics.


Each class has access to the school library and a classroom library. Book Fairs are held in school twice a year, in the autumn and spring terms, to encourage families to buy books and enjoy reading at home. Money from these fairs goes towards resourcing the school library. These weeks are also used to invite authors, poets and other visitors into the school to promote reading and story- telling.  In the past year, we have had visits from Pat Ryan, Sally Pomme-Clayton and Robert Crowther.  In addition, every autumn, a group of drama students perform Shakespeare for KS2.