Harry Gosling Primary School

Learning to shine in everything we do



We have a large staff. Every member of staff is committed to offering a high standard of care and high quality experiences for all children. All staff share high expectations of the children and themselves, and aim to be excellent role models. Staff continuously seek ways of improving their professional skills and understanding through continued professional development both in school and through external training providers.



LIST OF STAFF – 2018-2019


Teaching staff

Jennie Bird – Head Teacher, DSL

Emma Brown – Deputy Head, Inclusion Leader, DSL

Jo Potkins – Assistant Head, EYFS Leader, DSL

Elizabeth Beanland – Assistant Head, Teaching & Learning Leader, Phase 2 Leader

Miriam Wolfe – Assistant Head, Data & Interventions Leader, Phase 3 Leader

Joe Bentley – Y6 teacher, Maths Leader

Charlotte Keane – Year 6 teacher, Humanities Leader

Emma Harrison – Year 5 teacher

Simone Fox – Year 5 teacher, Science & IT Leader

Gemma Hildred – Year 4 teacher

Rachel Halstead – Year 4 teacher

Adam Rice - Year 3 teacher

Daniel Johnson - Year 3 teacher

Rachel Parker - Year 2 teacher, Healthy Schools Leader

Josie Legge - Year 2 teacher

Santosh Stride - Year 1 teacher

Jess Morrish - Year 1 teacher

Robert McQuillan – Reception teacher

Aphia Begum – Reception teacher

Kerry Cooper – Nursery teacher

Brenda Woods – Nursery teacher

Claire Bond – Music teacher

Ayesha Khanam – PPA teacher

Bilqees Patel – PPA teacher, Year 2 support teacher

Ashley Graham – Year 5 support teacher, English Leader

Anna Beattie – Year 6 support teacher


Office  Staff

Trudy Papafio – School Business Manager

Sima Miah – School Business Manager’s Assistant

Nadira Begum – Receptionist


 Midday Meals Supervisors

Noroon Miah – Senior MMS

Tracey Dunn

Hasna Begum

Aysha Begum

Henara Begum

Shibli Hannan 

Catherine Oswick

Marzina Begum

Jusna Begum

Fatima Begum

Shahida Aktar

Parvin Begum

Rumi Begum

Cindy Hart

Taslima Haque

Jakia Parbin

Fatema Begum

Nishat Tahsin

Salmin Begum





Support staff

Forida Ahmed – TA

Lahki Begum – TA

Irene Hunt – TA

Mahmoudha Khatun – TA
Rahela Khatun – TA

Sajna Khatun – TA

Bulirun Nessa – TA

Shefa Rahman – TA

Moymona Begum – TA

Ummay Noori – TA

Thamanna Azmin – TA

Rowshan Khan – TA

Nahida Sultana - TA

Cihan Ozduble – TA

Fatima Batan – TA

Tamanna Khatun – TA

Anika Begum – TA

Rezia Khanom – TA



Supply Staff

Avril Fregiste – TA

Jaime Bruce – TA and EYFS teacher

Cheryl Barlow Marshall – PPA teacher and Y5/6 support

Saalim Koomar – PPA teacher


 PE Coach

Julian Roberts


Premises Staff

James Doherty – Premises Manager

Grace Akinseye – Site Supervisor