Meet the Governors at Harry Gosling Primary School

Mr Abul Hussain

Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor and

Vice-Chair of Standards


Resources Committee

Inclusion, pupil premium and

safeguarding link governor

Headteacher's Performance 

Management Panel

 Mr Tarun Miah

Parent Governor

Standards Committee

Mr Leakath Ali

Co-opted Governor

Chair of Resources



Mr Shafi Uddin Ahmed

Co-opted Governor

Standards Committee 

Fiona Moodie

Co-opted Governor

Finance Committee 

Miss Jennie Bird


Resources Committee

Standards Committee

Mrs Leanne Gray

Deputy Head and Co-opted 


Resources Committee

Standards Committee

Nurur Chowdhury 

Parent Governor 




Nancy Wilkinson

Co-opted  Governor

Vice Chair or Governors 

Chair of Standards Committee

Headteacher's Performance 

Management Panel 

Parent Governor


Tat-Seng Chiam 

Local Authority Governor

Morenibayo Bankole

Co-opted Governor




Rachel Parker

Staff Governor

Elizabeth Beanland

Associate Governor





Abul Hussain

I became a governor because I want to give something back to the community. I was born and raised in East London and also have a keen interest in education and the needs of the local community. I have worked for the public sector for more than 10 years and bring valuable skills and experience in people and project management, budgeting and financial monitoring and business planning and development. I am a Business Manager for an "Outstanding" school in South West London and therefore bring direct insight and hands-on experience to the school in all aspects of educational governance and operational management. I also manage a local (educational based) charity developing projects and community initiatives to ensure local people have the provisions to enable them to develop and lead independent and successful lives through needs-based training and development programmes.

Leakath Ali

I was born and raised in Tower Hamlets and attended Harry Gosling Primary school as a child.

Most of my academic development was established in Tower Hamlets. I currently hold a BSc Hons in IT and International Relations and a MA in Islamic studies. I am also a qualified teacher and am currently teaching in a secondary school in Waltham Forest as the Head of ICT.

I would like to take on the role of parent governor at Harry Gosling because I am keen to see the school develop and flourish further. I want to ensure that our children have access to quality teaching and learning so they have the right start to enable them to prosper in academia.

My objective will be to help make the right decisions to achieve what is best for our teachers and for our children and for our school.

Leanne Gray

I became a staff governor because I am keen to work with the governing body to continually improve the school. I want the children at Harry Gosling to have the best possible start in life and know that the school and local community need to work together to achieve this. I have previous experience as a community governor at a primary school in Lambeth.

 Fiona Moodie 

A good education at school forms the foundation of each person's entire life. It means that the individual can develop new interests and skills and has the tools to keep learning as an adult after they have left formal education. Ultimately, I think that this means that communities as a whole benefit from skilled individuals who are more engaged
in improving themselves and the places around them. As a school governor, I would like to
help to encourage as many children as possible to love learning and to appreciate that their lives would be enriched by becoming more engaged at school and taking advantage of what schools can offer them- from learning new languages to learning to play a new sport. As a school governor, I would be very keen to encourage children from as young an age as possible to appreciate the value of working hard and how they can be rewarded with exciting career prospects.


I believe the skills I have developed as a solicitor and as an account manager are transferable to the role of a school governor, looking at the problems the school is facing and then formulating and implementing solutions. I am very committed to the importance of education. I am very hardworking and will always do my best to assist and support the work of the school.


Miss Nancy Wilkinson

What interests me about being a school governor: I’m interested in schools and education in general, and being a school governor allows me to learn about every aspect of how a school is run.

The skills and knowledge I bring to the post: I studied Chemistry at Oxford University, so have an interest in science in particular. I now work at a scientific charity so can bring expertise from there, as well as good communication skills and enthusiasm.

Why I have selected to be a governor of Harry Gosling Primary School: I wanted to get more involved with my community in Tower Hamlets, but I chose Harry Gosling in particular as it is so welcoming, enthusiastic and ambitious.

What I hope to achieve from being a governor: I hope to make sure the children at Harry Gosling get the best education possible, in particular in science as that is what I am most passionate about.

Shafi Uddin Ahmed

My name is Shafi Uddin Ahmed. I was born in Islington and moved to the East End in the early 1990’s.

I have 3 children, 2 of whom are students of Harry Gosling school and my eldest son is studying at secondary school.

I am an Executive Committee Member in an independent school in Tower Hamlets known as Madani Girls school. I have experience in running and making key decisions with a group of people who have responsibility of developing the school and achieving it targets and visions, and organising charity events and fundraising for the school. As it is an independent school, the experience is different and I would like to share my experience and also learn how a great school like Harry Gosling is developed and be able to express my opinion and be part of the future development of the school.

As a governor I look forward to working as a team and with the Head Teacher in making decisions for the future of our children and helping the school to develop and promote continuous improvement and excellent performance so that the school visions and targets can be achieved. As a Parent of the school I would like to be considered for this role as it will also be a learning curve for personally and I can share my experience with my colleagues at Madani Girls School.

Tarun Miah

I am a kind and community loving individual who has taken part in various types of community work. I am a social entrepreneur who has jointly established and managed a charitable school, college and higher education institution in Bangladesh. I am a member of a national community organisation UNITE that works with local and national issues. I support UNITE’S awareness program and support rights related issues for the vulnerable citizens within the community. I have an MSC degree from London South Bank University. I have two children in Harry Gosling. I am closely involved in their learning. Therefore I am very much aware of areas that deserve improvement. I have various skills and a willingness to contribute to make a real difference. I am looking forward to building up a great partnership to develop what matters the most to our children.  

 Morenibayo Bankole

Everything I have accomplished in life I owe to my education. I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunities that I have enjoyed primarily because of the commitment my parents and my greater community showed to my learning.

The process of educating children and young adults in a manner that transforms them into productive and engaged citizens is one that requires an honest level of commitment from the wider community. This means that those fortunate enough to share skills and talents should do so in the interest of helping educate the next generation. For me, this means contributing in a manner that would make best use of my skills. I have been involved in educational activities since my mid-teens.

I am a trainee solicitor with a large law firm in the City. I have legal skills and experience of interacting with people from different viewpoints and backgrounds.

 I believe my international background would be a strong asset for a board of governors. I pride myself in bringing a new perspective to issues and uncovering novel solutions

 Tat-Seng Chiam

The main reason I want to be a school governor is to help drive positive change for the life chances of children. My parents grew up working class, and made tremendous sacrifices so that my brother and I could have better lives than they did. I have had the privilege of attending multiple world-class institutions – Oxford University, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University. I am fully aware of the role that my educational experiences have played in my life trajectory and want to help make that difference for today’s youth.

In my professional life I work as a venture capitalist investing in overseas projects that improve the life opportunities of those living on less than $2 a day. I would like to be more involved with my own local community and can think of few better ways than getting involved as a school governor.

I have skills in strategy consulting, investment banking and data analysis. I have studied education policy. I am comfortable engaging with diverse stakeholders. I grew up in Australia, South-East Asia and the UK and have worked in Africa the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. I have experience of working collaboratively and reconciling perspectives between different stakeholders.

Nurur Chowdbury

I am a Critical Care Scientist (currently employed at The Royal London Hospital) and a registered member of the British Society of Critical Care Technologies. Prior to my career in the NHS I worked in various organisations including education, finance and social services. In addition to Clinical Technology, I achieved a Bachelor degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Philosophy. I also hold a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and work part time as a freelance practitioner.

I have been re-elected as a parent governor in December 2012 after serving this school for four years. I have taken this role because I believe that volunteering as a school governor is a great way to contribute to the local community and improve the education of local children. Furthermore, I wanted to develop transferable skills and gain better understanding of the education system whilst utilizing my existing skills and experiences.

As a parent governor, I am committed to work with fellow members and other stakeholders to raise school standards through setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and acting as a critical friend.