Year 3 Home Learning

We hope you enjoy your home learning tasks! All activities are linked to what we are learning in class. You can use your home learning packs to complete some of the tasks, others will be completed online.


Josie and Kat



In Year 3 we are revisiting phase 5 phonics with ALL children. Below are some useful links to videos and websites to help your children continue their phonics learning at home.


Phase 5 phonics- video lessons:


Phonics play- games to test your phonics knowledge:

 A4 Phase 5 sound chart.pdfDownload
 Phase 2 sound chart.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 sound chart.pdfDownload
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 Try and read every day. You can read books you have at home or complete reading tasks set on Purple Mash.



 We are beginning a unit on recounts in Year 3. Click on the file below to find out what you need to do!

 English Katies Picture Show.pdfDownload
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This term Year 3 will be learning about multiplication and division. Click on the link below to see some lessons, you will need a pen and paper to complete the tasks.


 You can also have a go at completing the following worksheets by writing your workings out and answers in your books.


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Here are some great games you can play online:

Hit the button:

Mental maths train:

Times tables quiz:



 This term Year 3 have begun learning about light. Please click on the link below to see a unit of learning on light. Work through the tasks in your home learning books.




 Can you do some research to learn about artists? Make some notes to remember what you've learnt!


Henri Matisse


Van Gogh


Henri Rousseau

John  Constable


Kazimir Malevich


Pierre- Auguste Renoir


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Franz Marc