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Dear Reception,

If you are reading this page, it is probably because you are at home self-isolating. This is very responsible as you are making sure that you keep yourself and the people around you as safe and healthy as possible. 

It is important that your continue your education whilst at home and we will be putting up some work very soon for you to be doing while you self-isolate. 

We hope that you stay well and we look forward to seeing you back at school soon.


Aphia and Rebecca


In maths we are learning to count up to 5. Watch the videos and join in. Upload yourself counting objects that you find around the house on Tapestry. 





We have been reading the book 'Mrs Wishy Washy'. Listen to the story and join in.



1) Who jumped in the mud?

2) What did the duck do in the mud?

3) Why was Mrs Wishy Washy angry?

4) What would you do in the mud? Draw a picture and upload it on to Tapestry.



Listen to these sounds. Have you heard them before?

Draw all the sounds you can hear at home.


Why don't you make playdough at home. Follow the recipe on how to make playdough and up load all the fun things you have made with it on Tapestry. Why don't you practise writing your name!